Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spacing out.

I believe my last post was in november.. about thanksgiving break...

it's now the 18th of Feb..... sigh.. this blog is SOOOOOOOOOOO dead....

people wonder why i don't blog since i'm like possibly the most free person in UIUC..

I really don't understand how i am so free and other people are like not sleeping just trying to finish homework.. it's not like i don't finish my homework...

I also don't see the need to double post everything since i throw all my pics in fb anyway..

I guess this post will be a bunch of words.........

Here's what happened over the last 4 months........ in chronological order.

1)did epicly bad for my fall 2009 finals... so bad it's not even funny....

2)Spent winter break in Boston, New York and Chicago (yes i was in 3 major cities in US in 3 weeks)...

3)went skiing in Boston.

4)Injured myself skiing in Boston.. sprained my ankle that was previously fractured so i couldn't walk at all.....

5)Took a plane from Boston back to Illinois in crutches... (HELL I TELL YOU.)

6)Started class in the spring 2010 semester...

7)Had tonsillitis.. for those of you who don't know what that is.. that is when ur tonsils gets inflamed till the size of like pingpong balls and it turns white and gives u fever and headache and... ahhh.. read this...

not cool man i tell you.

8)BECAUSE i was sick for that one week.. i couldn't play pool, so my standing in the 9 ball ladder dropped.. and the ladder ended b4 i could get better.... i ended up as 3rd on the ladder =(

9)BUT because i was still top 6, represented my uni to play pool in regionals held in Indiana-Bloomington. (pics on fb)..

10)Only had a week to practice b4 regionals due to infested tonsils...

11)Went to regionals... and KICKED ASS!!!! =D (1st good thing about this year)

12)Got 2nd place in regionals, qualified for nationals =DDDDDD

13)Came back and classes were normal again.. wrote a poem about zombies for rhetoric...

14)Chinese new year eve.. went over to a friend's place for dinner.. she cooked everything and was like OMFGWTH awesome... there was like.. Hainan chicken rice.. fried prawns shrimp.. the black fatt choi that looks like effing hair.. asam laksa fish.. ALOT OF AWESOME FOOD ahh =(

15)After that dinner.. drank (underage drinking ftw), played truth or dare.. watched certain few ppl get high... came up with FANTASTIC dares... (thank you alyssa LOL)

16)Next day was chinese new year/valentines.. had a date.. went to buffalo wild wings because she wanted to try and neither of us have been there...

17)Wrote a poem, gave her roses, played a song on piano for her.. only to find out that her heart is with another guy =( owell i tried..

18)Same day, MaSA held a chinese new year dinner in the Union.. which me and my date were like an hour late.. =.= missed the food because the cleared out most of the stuff before we arrived...

19)Same night, in the dinner, sang karaoke, and i spent most of the evening walking around performing card tricks to random people in the ballroom.. Kinda was like the in-house magician for the night =)

20)Came back from dinner with MaSA, Gambled with some friends in the dorm and won 31.20...

21)Yesterday, gambled with a friend in pool, and now I have a break-jump cue (FINALLY) =DDDD

22)Today is the 18th of feb.. birthday of my longtime best friend lim xiao yu.. shoutout to her although i know she'll NEVER EVER EVER read this here.. =(

23)Going to watch WWE with Calvyn in chicago tomorrow and he's coming over to my uni for the weekend.. OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE IT CALLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! =DDDDD

I guess that's about all that happened in the last 4 months... boring, eh?

Food for Thought: Why would girls rather be with a person far away whom has a reputation for being a not-so-nice guy when there's a perfectly nice guy right in front of them?
Tell me why.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Why americans don't need cybercafes.

Title says it all.. pictures proves it all...

This is the living room...

I'd say.. there were... 5 laptops, 2 desktops running simultaniously..

Brian, whom is getting sick of me taking pics of EVERYTHING =)))

That's Mihai (from romania) facing the cam... Genia(pronounced jen-ya)(from russia) with the long hair.. yes, they were online playing l4d..

This is Anthony.. playing PLANTS VS ZOMBIES!!! =DDD

Genia giving me the russian stare. (russian accent damn cool!!!) ahaha

I just had to post this up for my CC-addicted friends back home.. hahahaha.. i'll update with the whole week's worth of pictures and stories once i get back to my dorm in UIUC =))

Till then, Lifeless out~!! =)

Friday, November 20, 2009


I feel so happy.. i'm spreading the mahjong virus.. SO much so that I may actually be starting a mahjong club next semester together with some friends.. best part is.. out of all my latest students.. most of them are like.. of diff races.. the people i play with now range from thai to italian.. LOL...

Examples of some hands i achieved since i got here..

In cantonese style mahjong...

"dai sam yuin" or "3 great scholars" or "3 dragons"

Pure suit ping wu..
Apparently with the cantonese rules there are extra points for small small stuff that i didn't know about in normal 4 player mahjong
This hand was worth 17 fan..
All bamboo (pure suit) - 7 fan
All chi - 1 fan
Two flowers that were mine - 2 fan
One whole flower set - 1 fan
Self draw(zi mo) - 1 fan
Single tile wait (dan diu) - 1 fan
一条龙(1-9 of same suit) - 4 fan

Total ownage.. till today i'm known as the guy who did the 17 fan ping wu LOL

As if that wasn't enough, i thought the people here the 3 player malaysian version of mahjong.. with the jokers and just the dot suit.... and i got this hand lol..

Total pwnage dai sei hei =)) "4 great happiness" lol..

To give an example on how awesome my luck can be.. here's an example of a starting that i had.. lol..

F.Y.I, I won maximum =)

So basically... yeah.. everybody's learning mahjong from me.. JUST today i thought one american and one thai dude.. well.. thai but born in america.. lol.. AND IT'S SPREADING BABEH!!!

On the left - David, American
Center - Jin, Korean
Right - Chris, Italian

And these are just 3 of them.... ahahaha....
(btw i know i had a shtty hand for this pic don't give any smart comments rawr)

Best part about mahjong.. i'm spending my entire thanksgiving holiday with a new good friend of mine, Brian, WHOSE WHOLE FAMILY PLAYS MAHJONG HAHAHAHAHAHA... this is gonna be an awesome thanksgiving break =DDDD

MAHJONG!!!!! lifeless out~!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


OMGOMGOMGOMG today i was just walking around aimlessly.. then i saw this dog fair thingi.. to raise funds for some animal shelter... it was in an open area.. and people had to pay like 5 bucks to pet the dogs and hug and cuddle and stuff.. and 10 bucks to take a pic with it.. So i was like just looking around... i noticed that nobody really checked... SO i just walked in and started playing with the dogs.. (talk about typical malaysian) HAHAHA...

THE DOGS WERE AWESOME MAN... here are the pics =DDDDD

SO CUTE RITE!!! .. I HAD to take pics with it.. NEVER see this in malaysia man... =DDDD

Awesome pic =DDD

There were other doggies there too~~~

There were poodles... (honestly, I thought all poodles were white and ugly balls of hair)..

AND... some... spotted.... dog.... that looks like a bear..... errrr..... yeah.....

So cute riteeee~~~

So anyway.. yeah.. so cute rite the doggiesssss =(((((((((

Ok on another note... i ate my 1st ever steam fish here in some chinese restaurant...

I swear.... it tasted like.... OMFG... i duno wat it tastes like also... they didn't clean the fish properly.. the scales were like half still on the fish.. it has the SUPER fishy taste.. i couldn't even tear the head apart and clean it like how i used to because it stunk so bad T_T.. it's like.. a mix of.. ok let's not go there... GAH...

AND THIS THING!!! OMG I TELL YOU... apparently.. "bubble tea".. so ok... i believe.. there isn't any milk at all in this.. this is HAAGEN DAAZ strawberry ice cream blended with water and add pearls... i think i'll be rich opening a franchise of the bubble tea store back in sunway mentari here.. =DD lol...

Ahhh.... i miss AUTHENTIC chinese food... i'm sick of "sweet and sour chicken" being chicken nuggest fried in sweet and sour sauce... i'm sick of "char siew pao" being some PATHETIC excuse for a pau.. i'm sick of.. pathetic attempts at asian food... please.. just go to asia and learn something THEN come back and cook.. i had "shrimp chow mein" for dinner just now and it was the worst noodle i've put in my mouth in my life.. it was CHEWY, like.. hard and slightly crunchy.. too bad i didn't have my cam with me that time.. GAH...

OK... stop complaining... bad for feng shui.... tomorrow is friday the 13th... dowan to take any risks...

*imagines ryan saying "what's the worse that could happen" and starts singing the chorus to MCR's black parade*

I'm gonna hide under a rock tmr.. =( lifeless out.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


ALRIGHT!! time for update.. =)) (shut up julian. LOL)

Today is halloween!! i started my day by waking up and following my roommate and his friends to this place called CRAZY BUFFET!!.. yeah.. the name sounds awesome rite... lol.. HERE COMES THE FOOD PICS!!!! HAHAHAHAHA

Fresh prawns and mussels...

Dessert bar~

Baked mayonnaise mussels.. THE BOMB.
Some epic failed dimsum..


The fruits and creams and jelly section... lol

My 1st plate...

Closeup of my 1st plate..

My 2nd plate...

Baked scallops.. ALSO THE BOMB.

2nd plate~~ omnomnomnom..

3rd plate.. SEE I ATE VEGE.. TAUGEH LOL.

My roomate~~




So that's about it for halloween lunch.. ok.. so it's just a normal lunch.. AFTER that.. went to get my costume.. den dress up.. makeup.. and time for party~~ =DDD

Roomate and his zombified friends
Me and teh chinese speaking zombies.. LOL

Orite.. 1st of all.. let me bloody clarify.. i dun wanna explain this over and over and over.. i'm supposed to be gambit.. from xmen.. but as i was walking out of the story i saw glow in the dark paint... being the obsessed-with-glow-in-the-dark guy that i am.. i had an impulse to get it, and i did..

So basically.. i'm either phantom of the opera who found a new interest in cards... or (the one which i prefer) gambit that got bitten by a zombie and became HALF zombified. (since it's halloween anyway)...

So yeah.. zombie gambit =)


F.Y.I, if not for my long hair i wouldn't be able to pull off this costume.. so HAH long hair DOES have its advantages. =D

Me and a werewolf...

Me and... ER.. some.. french? girl.. i duno.. =\

Me and a cat burglar.

Me and DEATHHHH (death is my friend nyehehe)

Mafia ppl harassing me..

Me and lala zombie..

Me and.. was it freddie or jason.. errrrr....

Me and COW.. wearing a sign that says "EAT MOR CHIKIN"

Me, arabic dancer.. and... i have no idea......

Me and princess leia..



if the cupcakes were supposed to be scary.. this is FAIL.


i duno what this is supposed to be.. seriously.. tastes good tho.

green spooky rice.. that tastes just like rice. haha

I think these are supposed to be ghosts.. think.

Somehow they look more like tombstones with eyes.. LOL.

HER costume was awesome man.. half devil half angel.. i picked the devil *rawr* =D

Pure angel.. lol..

This was cute.. Little mermaid holding a paper that says "I CAN'T TALK!! can I have your heart to get my voice back?"
Hence, the Ace of Hearts in my hand =DD

Go figure. LOL

escaped criminal zomg..

When this guy walked in.. 3 words filled the minds of the ppl in the room..


gf of the giant watermelon.. haha...

horny devil..

again, camwhore lala zombie. LOL


Some cheapskate bastard who got lazy so he just bought a mask.
lol typical penang ppl hor vic? XD

I don't know what this is suppsoed to be.. bloody bones or something...

SOO.. that's how my halloween went.. I think i like hanging with the malaysian ppl.. no drinking.. staying healthy.. =DD I went back to my dorm.. and i was just chilling outside in the lobby(the main area).. within 1-2 hours.. u should see the number of drunk ppl walking back in...

girls with SKIMPY-AS-HELL outfits were being helped by their friends to walk up the stairs, random ppl came up to me and talked to me that were COMPLETELY drunk and i bet they won't remember me at all.. all the funny things ppl do when they are drunk.. heh.. too bad my cam wasn't with me.

Orite guys that's all for this update.. I'll be back~~~ =DDD AU REVOIR~!!

Lifeless out~